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This skill says it adds 5% burning per wound.  Does it add a lash to melee/missile attacks?  Or does it modify already existing fire attacks from lashes or enchantments?

I'm asking in part because I assumed it added a lash but looking at my combat log I just punched (as level 6 monk) either an Animat or a Rain elemental for 16 bludgeon damage (and maybe I missed it) but I didn't see any fire damage even hovering tooltip over the 16 number.

Thanks and I appreciate these basic questions.  I tried searching a little but not find something so basic easily.

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It adds a burning lash to all your weapon attacks (fists also count as weapons). The lash is 5% per wound you carry. That means it's 0% (no wounds) to 50% (10 wounds). 

Most likely the reason you don't see it on the animat is the mechanic of lashes:

Lashes are multiplicative dmg bonuses which are based on your weapon damage roll (which is great) but there is a hurdle: any (non-raw) lash has to overcome the respective armor's damage reduction - or DR - of the target separately. Here it's the burn DR of the animat. Not the whole DR though but only 25% (or 1/4th). Again: all lashes (except raw) must overcome 1/4 of the enemy's DR.

Animats usually have very high DR.

If you roll 20 crush dmg to the animat and you have 5 wounds: the burning lash of Turning Wheel would be 25% (5*5%) of 20 which is 5 burn damage. That 5 burn damage has to overcome 1/4th of the animat's burn DR. If the animat's burn DR is 20 or higher... :(

Unlike direct damage which has a MIN value (some damage always gets through even if DR is higher than the dmg roll) lashes work not that way: they can get completely eliminated by DR. So if 1/4th of the animat's burn DR is roughly about the same as the burn damage you would cause with your lash... it will get eaten up completely - gone. 

In the example above: if the burn DR of the ainmat is 20 or higher you get nothing from the lash. This is less likely to happen with Lightning Strikes (same mechanics) because animats are usually more vulnerable to shock damage (have low shock DR). 

Of course this is even more likely to happen if you have less wounds (smaller lash) and less likely if you have more wounds (lash is bigger). Also the direct crush damage you do can help: if you deal more crush damage then the lash dmg is higher (because it's based on the weapon dmg roll). The higher the dmg you roll with the weapon the easier it is for the lash to be higher than enemies' 1/4DR. You can also pick Scion of Flame (talent): it gives your Turning Wheel lash a 25% bonus. Meaning it would rise from 5% per wound to 6.25% per wound. So at 10 wounds instead of a 50% lash you would have a 75% one - which is very good. 

BUT! There's also a small glitch that sometimes happens when you activate Turning Wheel during a session: it doesn't really apply. Best is to save with Turning Wheel active and then reload. That should fix it. Same with Blood Testament gloves (2% raw dmg lash per wound) by the way. They are very good but suffer from the same occasional glitch.

To;dr: most likely your lash was too small for the animat's high burn DR. To be safe try another target and save/reload with Turning Wheel activated. 

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Thanks so much.  I have fought another battle against some kith and looks like the burning lash is now working.  And I could understand from your explanation how the DR of Animat could block all of the lash.

I'll keep an eye out for that bug with Turning Wheel.  I usually use Quicksave (and they overwrite each other) aside from when I either level up or I go to a different area (example go from Defiance Bay to Stronghold or Dyrford etc)...  So should I maybe save more often (separate named saves?) in case I don't notice the lash is corrupt and I have to go back to the last level up?  Or would simply quick saving, then exiting the game, then returning to (quicksaved) game fix a problem of the bug with Turning Wheel lash?

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It's not that the savegame is corrupt or something. It just seems that sometimes the game doesn't get the activation of Turning Wheel right and the save/reload cycle just helps to somehow set the game object state correctly. No idea how or why honestly. 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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