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Insect movement and some other thoughts

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Are you planning on having ladybugs and stink bugs fly eventually?  Also how about spiders being able to hang from branches and other objects.  They are already scary enough but I've found myself looking up when I'm around the oak tree expecting to see a wolf spider hanging above me.  I watched the dev interview so I know there are technical challenges to creature movement already.

Also from the dev interview they asked about introducing larger 'boss' creatures.  I was thinking in the context of the science in this world you could have events with controlled conditions.  For example who's to say that whoever created the tech for this world/environment didn't create an artificial barrier around it. The barrier would such that it keeps certain types of creatures out of the back yard in order to  have control of experimentation. 

You could then have that barrier glitch/fail which would allow a larger creature to get in.  Then in order to battle the larger creature you would need to perform missions to fix the glitch and also find a way to battle the creature through using tech/traps and team work. 

Not something like a trinity battle but coordination and creative problem solving.  Say I'm the bait that has to run while a teammate springs a trap that's set using a specific location in the yard.  Or you have to find a way to say stun a creature with a sound device or use it to drive them away.  Obviously it would have to scale and adjust for single and co-op but allow for different options to try and defeat or drive it away.

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