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*SPOILERS* Possible Story Hint (Magnifying Glass)

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So while exploring areas that are under construction. I came across a tree stump hidden to the right by the picnic bench. While exploring I tried to get on top of the stump to which (with some parkour) I was able. The middle of the stump is hollow with just dry grass. I DONT RECOMMEND YOU WILL GET STUCK IF YOU JUMP IN. After giving up and respawning I went back and found a magnifying glass. It’s positioned to focus the sun and burns a spot on the ground. If you walk in the beam you get hurt. Curious how they will incorporate this with either that area, or story.89C51B54-AB21-4B57-8B62-85A7CE93949A.jpeg.f1da300df37602fe1544430f6e585897.jpeg


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