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People's Saves Getting Deleted

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So a survival gamer's worst nightmare or any gamers' worst nightmare is that all that hard work was for nothing. Hours of gameplay, hours of looting resources, hours which add up to days of building bases, all of that effort just gone. I've been reading a lot of people's posts on here and apparently when you get very far in the game or have invest essentially more than 100+ hours playing this game, you risk your save file getting deleted. Not sure if this is because of lights being on (silly reason to crash a game but happening) or because the amount of stuff the game has to load in after building a huge base or several small bases. Essentially what I'm trying to say is I'm nervous about playing this game because I dont want my save file to get deleted. I know its early access but I feel like keeping your save files is idk...a big deal? It's like intentionally investing 10k in a stock you know will crash in a week. It doesnt seem logical to keep playing. I want to play, but as a sweaty gamer all I can do is go from LFG to LFG trying to help people get bases started then ghosting them over and over because I'm scared my long term bases are just a waste.

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Honestly, it sounds like early access games are not for you. That always sounds condescending when I type it, but I'm genuinely not trying to be. My friend and I have built a massive fortress, and everyday in the back of my head, I know it could all just vanish in snap. But that's the risk we take playing an unfinished game. No early access game can guarantee your save file will remain intact for the entire term of development.


If it's causing you that much anxiety, for real, just wait for it be finished and released as a complete game next year.


That's just my advice, though. 

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