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On 8/14/2020 at 1:06 PM, Carlos andre said:

Alguém fala para mim se o "grounded" vai sair para playstation 4?! Obs: eu quero tanto jogar esse jogo 😪

According to google translate:

Does anyone tell me if the "grounded" will come out for playstation 4 ?! Note: I want to play this game so badly


Moved it to the Grounded discussion forum.

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No it won't come to PS4, Obsidian is owned/funded by Microsoft so it's basically guaranteed Windows/Xbox exclusivity.

Google translates to (which will be wrong obviously, but hopefully will give the OP enough info)

Não, ele não virá para o PS4, Obsidian é propriedade / financiado pela Microsoft, então é basicamente garantida a exclusividade do Windows / Xbox.

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