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Future additions and hopes

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This game truly is amazing and I can't wait for all the future content.  I've got some ideas floating around my head that I honestly just want to get out there. 

The first idea is my current favorite that being a daddy longleg.  I imagined it's oval like body just making it above the grass slowly making its way to where ever.  I don't fully know how it would work out of course but my hope would be for it to be large enough to walk under and maybe play more of a role like the ladybug.  Some crafting ideas with it would be a much further reaching spear hopefully to help with the reach the wolf spider has. 

My next one would be a snail.  I've seen an empty shell just outside the mysterious machine.  I'd think it be a nice addition.  It won't be killable right away because it might just hide in it's shell.  The picnic table could have a spilled salt shaker somewhere nearby that you could shovel.  With the salt you could make a salt bomb that shrivels up the snail or temporary stuns other bugs.  The shell once cracked with a hammer (teir 2  maybe) could be used for armor or maybe a shield.

Anyways those are the two biggest ideas I've got right now.  Obviously you can tell me what you think but I will love this game no matter if it has this or not.  

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i like that.  good idea.

I'd like to have a shield,  start out with Tier 1 clover leaf shield, then acorn shell, then lady bug, or stink bug as the stinkers in the game are also called shield bugs.

We need ropes,  a rope net to suspend items from grass to keep the ant thieves away.  a rope ladder, you can you attach to the environment, like to climb in the abandoned ant hill to get to the lab.  Rope could be made from combing woven fibers.

a sled to increase your carry capacity.  like on those treks to the berry bushes, i often find myself throwing stuff away that i wanted but need to make room for something else more important.  if you could lash a sled together with a couple weed stems and grass planks that would be awesome.  maybe use the dry grass chunks to make wheels and have Tier 2 as a small cart.

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