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I am playing a forbidden fist/beguiler transcendent, and was wondering if there was any way to program the AI to apply the forbidden fist curse whenever it expires. I see that one of the options is to apply it whenever one does not have an affliction. But this probably isn't right, since the curse is not technically an affliction I believe. Does anyone know how to do this? I ideally want to apply it whenever the curse expires to maximize wounds, but do not want to apply it before it expires, since that is very dangerous.

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That's how I script my wizards. You can't test for most of the wizard self buffs, so I just give each one its own rule, make it "always cast," and set the timer to double the default duration, which is a very rough equivalent to "recast this if the battle somehow lasts long enough that it would have expired naturally." It's not ideal and doesn't encompass things like buffs being shortened, but that's okay. In fights that last longer than that I switch to manual control once the self-buff cycle is complete. I find that "good enough" is mostly indistinguishable from "perfect" when it comes to scripting in this game.

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