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This game is amazing. Absolutely one of the best crafting survival games I've ever played. 100% recommended. Can not wait to see what comes next.

Things I dislike or could be improved on: there really isn't much I dislike about this game so far. The biggest issue I've ran into at this point are blueberries. Shooting them with a bow causes them to disappear rather than drop. Hitting them with your axe doesn't always produce the skin and its kind of annoying to hit them and they go flying several cm away. However that is also a little entertaining. 

Things I love and would like to see: all around this is one of the best games I've played in a long long time. The uniqueness of this game is something I love above all else. My partner and I have both nothing but positive things to say about this game. We both would love to see taming added, having ant buddies helping carry or fight with you would be stellar. Having a spider as a mount would be phenomenal. Seasons would be cool and I feel would be super challenging. 

All in all of the people we've shown Grounded to and have played it, every one of them agree 10/10 would play daily and love the game. SUPER EXCITED TO SEE WHERE THE GAME GOES!

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