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Suggestion for Resources while Dew Collector+Mushroom Farm are bugged

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After the update, neither my mushroom farm or dew collector was working, fortunately, I moved next to the pond, next to the Spiders + Flowers, and Nectar its still spawning there for me (anywhere that have flowers, it does have nectar sprinkled around the ground), which its helping me to manage my thirst and hunger, I still see a lot of mushroom spawning outside of my mushroom farms (sometimes I think way too much mushrooms, which i kinda feel like its related to as why they're not growing in the mushroom farm), but yeah, this is what I do:

Gather Nectar in 2 different spawns each day, because I think nectar did not stopped spawning (for me at least)
Drink dirty water + Roasting Spit (Weevil, Aphids, etc) 

I've been playing with no mushroom farm + dew collector for about 20 days in game, and its how i have been managing to survive.
I'm just saying this here so players like me that loved this game, who wants to keep playing even though it got its resources messed up after this last update, so I hope this helps.

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