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Issues & Improvement Suggestions

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Issues & Improvement Suggestions

First I would like to say that this game is great, even in its current play preview state. I enjoy Survival Sims and being able to have 4 players to do that with has been even more fun. With that said, I hope that this is seen by Obsidian and taken into consideration.  I will update this post as I play more and run into more issues. 

Issues that I have experienced while playing on Xbox One:

Issues *I realize some of these may already be known, but just for sake of consistency, I'll list them anyway. 

  • Setting up too many construction blue prints cause game to start lagging
  • Graphics while using Sprig Bow cause arrow to extend and bend while aiming obscuring center dot 
  • Building stairs in certain directions can cause clipping issues unless stairs are turned 
  • Re-spawn rate of dandelions are slow for early game weed stem access, forcing players trying to attempt to upgrade tools faster than they may be able to
  • Save files being available to all players in a multiplayer session, not just the host
    • Allowing players to log on without the original host to continue to play with all upgrades 


Potential Improvements

  • Include an option to build a compass or update UI with a compass rose
  • Maybe an ability to quick pin recipe info on main display for crafting after discovery
  • Having to destroy storage containers to move them


That is all for now. I will update if I think or discover more issues. 





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