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Suggestions as far as building... I think it would be a good idea for you guys to continue adding to the base building. Great start with what is offered, but I think there’s great opportunities to add more. Such as making “metal” or “aluminum” walls and doors from salvaging soda cans. Defenses against bugs like traps and large spiked barricades. Railings, fences and walls. Carts to haul large loads of items like weed stems that we usually have to search large areas for small amounts of. 
P.S. Bug taming with cages to lock them up in would be such a cool idea

I think you guys have created a special game here, a great twist in the survival world aspect. What a unique experience, I cannot wait for future updates keep up the good work. 



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Agreed! I think there's good basics implemented already for base-building (honestly I was surprised we even got things like roof corner interiors and the like), but adding some variety would be welcome too. Your suggestion here of aluminum harvested from the soda cans is really neat.

I especially love the idea of being able to tame a bug and ride it, or have it harvest or generate resources for me, or help with hauling. Sometimes I'll hop on a ladybug and have it carry me around for a bit just for fun lol

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