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Explorable location under porch!

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Just an idea, but I was thinking what if they took the entirety of underneath the porch and possibly some of the house in grounded and turned it into a completely explorable area.of course it have to add a whole bunch of insects down there stuff like pill bugs, centipedes, ****roach, earwigs maybe millipedes. I think it would be a great addition simply because it would add even more areas to explore aside from the areas that are being developed in the backyard and give you more area fur base-building exploring resource gathering so on so forth I think it would be a great idea hopefully others might think the same, if not, i figured it wouldn't hurt to put my idea out there.

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I really like this idea. It would be a great transition towards moving into the house and developing the threats that would exist there. Considering the amount of research infrastructure I would say it is safe to assume who ever owns the house is apart of if not in charge of this integrating operation and would have extensive internal infrastructure integrated inside or under the house itself. We could also have a "boss" fight where you have to deal with a "small" mouse in order to actually enter the house. Or have a much larger wolf spider if not a different breed all together as a separate "boss" for a different way in.

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