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Ecosystem, how advanced?

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The existing insects seem to interact with the world and all play a part in the ecosystem (ants gathering food). I’d love to hear how others have experienced the ecosystem that is advertised and how exactly the incects interact with each other. How the environment changes to the interaction of the player.
It has been mentioned exterminating ant colonies could invoke the attraction of other insects to that area. Is this true? What did you experience and what happend? How advanced is this ecosystem and AI behavior i wonder.


  • Working ants gathering food around the backyard
  • Working ants fighting other insects
  • Guard ants attacking my settlement because food was stored there.
  • Insect territitorium areas. living environments
  • Wolv spiders patrolling at night time/ sleeping day time.
  • ladybugs destroying grass. No reason found yet*
  • 2d night/3d night attack of 1 wolv spider. No reason found yet (difficulty?)*
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On 8/3/2020 at 12:42 PM, 4colorchris said:

I made base around the stick research center, by the hotdogs, eventually killed a majority of the ants, they seemed to stop showing up, haven't noticed and uptick in other bug re population yet 

Did you just admit to committing Anticide? 😂

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That's a great question, how far can it go?
Can we move the spawning area when some insect gets killed over and over again at the same place? It would be really fun to live at the Great Oak, after cleaning/moving the spider spawn to other place.
Something that I think it can happen is: When you cut too much grass and clear your surroundings, more insects will be attracted to that area, such as ants, larvas and even spiders.

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