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Been playing multiplayer for almost 3 or so days and I gotta say, the game is very pretty and I love it! This said, I have encountered a few bugs:

  • Spiders randomly spawn en-masse in area near and around the neighboring area of the Oak Tree, making it impossible to run to it (found 5 spiders in a singular clump) or even navigate the area. 
  • Spiders also spawn outside of the Oak Tree lab and attack from behind walls.
  • Larvae spawns are insane, after 1 hour or so of playing, we found a spawn of six Larvae around a Fruit Punch that almost killed us.
  • Bombardier Beetles de-aggro immediately from you as they tend to look away from you and just waddle out of your aggro distance, resetting their health even if you keep throwing spears or arrows at them.
  • Ants can poach through lifted foundations by snapping at them?
  • Spiders, Bombadier Beetles and Ladybugs all share the spawn camping issue.
  • The Arachnophobia Safe Mode... is okay? But it doesn't show their leg's position and that makes fighting and kiting a whole lot more difficult.

That should be all for now!

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Replying to this with the latest: game crashed for everyone in the session, I relaunched, returned and... well, had to begin from the very beginning. I picked the same kid I had, too but it just sent me to the beginning - that and upon approaching the Juice Box, droplets started spawning in massive size (enough to lag and almost freeze my game) and it created this only on my side: unknown.png?width=1204&height=677

Upon relogging once more and reaching the place where I had set up up the spawn (that the game, upon crashing, barely recognized apparently), my bag disappeared from where I actually crashed (in the base) and is now showing right at the foot of the house where I wasn't even near. It's getting close to being game breaking and it's the 4th time I had to restart anew because the game also despawned one of my bags after I died.

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Don't know if this is know, but clicking {pc version} on Trail Markers while map is open more than once crashes game.


another bug was Poison randomly applied to player in my Lobby after I died from a spider away from this character.



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