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Pallet lift please

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Here is a list of things that I would like to see added:

1. A pallet Lift that you could hang off of the side of your base or that looked similar to the large anchor system in raft that you would be able to put a pallet on for either grass or stems. The purpose of this would be so that you can carry items up the side of high objects or your base more effectively. My base is on a high hill to start and it has 10-12 flights of stairs in it to get to the top at the moment. It is taking me quite a while to build when i am only able to carry 8 pieces (ant armor) at a time. It would also be nice to be able to use it as an elevator.

2. A pull behind wagon/cart that you could make from stems that you also could put a pallet on or chests. Something simple, two wheels a pallet and a stem on each side that the character can get in between and pull the cart with. Some of the weeds in the game are quite a ways away and if you are building a resource intensive base it would be nice to have this so that you can gather a lot of resources at one time.

3. Locks, while it is fun to play with your friends. Some items and resources you may not want them to be able to get a hold of or if you are playing with a random person, you may not want them to be able to get in the chest and take resources at all.

4. A simple poll structure that you can attach roof pieces to so that you can make a more open bridge, rooftop, gazebo, etc.

5. When crafting, i would like a multiplyer so that i do not have to keep spamming the button until i run out of resources. Maybe have a slider to select the amount and a button to where i can craft all that i am able to with the resources that i have on me.

6. Add tadpoles, you could kill them and craft scuba fins from their tales and a wet suit from there bodies so that you can swim deeper in the lake by the burgl tree.

7. Add a toad about the size of the wolf spider so that there could be tadpoles.

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Yes they work, you just have to be in front of one and press left trigger to stack grass on it. If you are not in the middle in front of it, sometimes it will just throw the grass on the ground instead of stacking it on the pallet. There is no prompt that tells you to do this though.

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After having played a little bit more, here are some more items that i would like to see added:

1. I would like a Railing piece so that you do not walk off of the top of your base or the bridges.

2. I would like a ladder piece so that you can get up to high places if you do not want to use the spider trampoline.

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