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Glitches that mess with gameplay and performance

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1. Larva and Soldier Ants over populate the game. The ant hill is clustered with Soldier Ants to where me and my friends believe it is lagging the game. We have also seen about packs of twenty larva travelling the backyard and sometimes attempting to raid our base. Literally, there is a lot of bugs.

2. Sometimes you have to look in a certain angle to revive your teammates.

3. If you move forward and drop a blade of grass or stem it glitches and disappears underground.

4. Doing a perfect block still allows the insects to break your armor.

5. If you eat food fast enough that's in your hot bar, you can sneak in a free extra bite even if you ran out of food.

6. When you die and collect your items, they appear to be at full durability until you take damage or use one of your tools.

7. If you stop drinking the juice box liquid, it piles up to the point where it lags and freezes the game when you get near it. Sometimes when it's really bad, it spawns in granola bars or logs into the droplets.

8. If you stack an item on top of another item in a storage container it either disappears or overlaps it.

9. Ladybug armor doesn't decrease any damage that the Wolf Spider deals.

10. Standing on top of items dropped on the ground rarely flings you into the air.

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