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Food should give stat buffs

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I have been playing for a few days now and I have found that there really isn't much benefit to eating anything other than the mushrooms. Cooked meat spoils too fast to try and store any of it for later and jerky makes you thirsty. So I was thinking it would be kind of cool if diferent foods gave you diferent kinds of stat buffs similar to how the armor dose. So for example cooked gnat could give a stamina boost, aphid a speed boost, and so on. Also you should be able to roast mushrooms and acorns.

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I don't think food should give stat boosts. Atleast not the simple cooked foods.

For stat boosts you have the smoothies with their weird recipes. 😛

I do agree on the roasting of the mushrooms though.

Should make them taste less like brussels sprouts.  😄

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