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Ant Eggs Spawn Bug

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(PC/Single Player/Mild:

Same problem:  killing ants will spawn, at the most, one or two eggs in the ant hill . Tried traps. Tried hunting and killing groups of ants wherever I located them. Even cleared the entire ant hill.....still the same: one ant egg, maybe two.  Then....nothing.  And with the increased spawn rate of orb weavers lately, I really could use a few more bombs to clear certain areas out. Especially when they are now attacking in packs. Like wolves. With extra legs. :) 

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Every time I have went for eggs I find the shells and no eggs.   Finding random drops where ants roam would be a good add or more spots that they will spawn.   I think I have found 3 eggs and I have checked anthill multiple times.   On day 330 and been really wanting to blow some stuff up for a while…  I feel I am getting bored with the game and what to do.   Only so many materials you can hoard..  too time consuming to collect, haul and build anything cool playing single player.   Afraid to build too much as it may be destroyed in future updates.   But yea point of this..  No eggs for me either.   

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