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Game Issues That Need Fixing ASAP (please)

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     The game is amazing and I love it, but lets just get straight to it I guess (I play on an xbox one x)

- !!No Raw Science Collectibles!!..... its come to my attention through watching others playthroughs that the game has a raw science collectible reward system (bright pink floating raw science bubbles). I have explored the game to its entirety through multiple characters and save files, and they just dont pop up for me. (Seems like a crucial part of the game considering thats how you unlock game features with) People should not be missing out on a fundamental part of the game from the get go. And again, if I didn’t look at others gameplay, I wouldnt even have guessed that it was a game feature at all.

- Locked Door(s) ..... biggest problem is the lab doors locked randomly and I can’t enter the lab to get my daily quests (which is technically the ONLY thing we can do to progress the game at the moment). Which leads me to think that maybe all the other “locked” doors ive come across when exploring may be bugged too

- Custom Marker Game Crash ..... (not game breaking but I figured I’d add it anyways) if you build a custom marker and go to the map, you can press “a” to “center on marker” or whatever thing you have highlighted. If you center on the custom marker option (which even if you have more than one the map will only show one) the game crashes

     *** I’ll try to keep these updated with other problems as I come across them, if I see the problems at hand arent being addressed or talked about... Again, these game is amazing, i love it, I can deal with bugs and glitches... but fundamentally game breaking issues should be brought to the devs attention and fixed quickly

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Thank you for this! For the raw science issue, can you let me know how far you have gotten into the story? You won't start finding raw science until you have reached a specific milestone. That way I can include this in the report.

The other two issues are currently known and are being investigated. Hopefully we will have more information on these soon for everyone. 

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I have noticed that I didn't get any raw science collectibles either.

I have played the story up to the message that there is no story anymore...For the moment.

The multiplayer game I am hosting does have raw science collectibles.

Hope this helps.



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Alright, I managed to fix my crashing. I have been playing for the last 6-7 hours and haven't crashed once so far. Will edit this comment if I crash again. All I did was follow some steps written on this article. I am playing the game via my xbox game pass so I just used the repair option. No idea about Steam though. And I also had few windows 10 updates. I did that and restarted my pc. The game hasn't crashed since then.

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