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Options to change UI navigation wheel input

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What I mean by the UI wheel navigation is the selection of something in the UI wheels, as shown in the image below.


Add options to change the UI wheel navigation controls:

-A 'release' option. By this I mean for example when using the emote wheel, using the controller, you hold the left button then select an option with the analog stick and then release the left button. Then the action is carried out and the UI is closed. This is faster than the current system of having to press the left button, select with the analog and then press another button.

-An option to change the UI wheels navigation control from the right analog stick to the left analog stick. This should of course also freeze movement while the UI wheels are open. With the right analog stick it is just somewhat tedius for me in the way I hold the controller. Edit: This would not go well in combination with the buttons it seems.


Great game btw, lots of fun! 😁



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Going off of what OrANgE x Eddie said, I also think that the UI should not get in the way of our vision. I feel like it is too intrusive to our gameplay. It would be fine if it was a smaller wheel in the corner of the screen instead of the entire screen. If not at least make the game not blurry in the background of the weapon wheel. 

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