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the vendor glitch where you can't buy anything or switch party members is absolutely unacceptable.  How can you release a game that has these kinds of devastating bugs.  This game has been out now for a good deal amount of time...reinstalling the game and restarting the game does nothing...i want my damn money back.  I shouldn't have to delete all my saved files and restart because you can't get your head out of your asses to fix these bugs...meeting deadlines to release the game for monetary gain while leaving the game fundamentally broken is crazy...get your **** together.  Dev email me and I want my money back

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Hey PissedOff. We haven't heard of this issue, and I apologize for the frustration it has caused. I'm not able to provide you a refund as the retailer or publisher handles that. However, I can try to work with you to resolve the issue. Is this issue happening on a PC or Mac? If it's either of those, can you please reply back with your save file attached. If PS4 or Xbox One is giving you trouble, you would need to contact Versus Evil as they are responsible for those ports of the game. 

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing back from you. 

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