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Crash on Launch

Nicolas A Buschiazzo


Hey, I stopped playing for a week, and when I tried to play again the game is crashing when clicking on "Play" on Steam Library.

- I tried launching from .exe and from Nvidia Experience, same error.

- tried validating local files in steam

- Tried re-installing from scratch

- tried cleaning regedit "pillars" entries.

crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt

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Hey Nicolas. Thanks for bringing this issue you have been experiencing to our attention. I took a look at your logs, and they are very similar to users that had an issue with Citrix affecting their game. Citrix is a networking program that, for some reason, has been preventing some players from launching some Unity-based games on Steam. Players have let us know that either updating or uninstalling the software that they've been able to fix this issue. I'll leave a link below to helpful thread that helped all the players who ran into a problem with Citrix.


In the meantime, I recommend making sure your video card and O.S. drivers are up to date, even the optional ones. Sometimes a fresh install can help repair damaged or missing files, and so I suggest you try this as well.

Please let me know if this resolved the issue.

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