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Starting with my companions: Turn based game

Eder - Fighter

Pallegina - Herald

Maia - Ranger

Aloth - Wizard


I have a couple of questions about companion class and my watcher.

   I have read alot about rogue not being needed for primary class.

1. Who benefits the most from dual classing to rogue? Eder, Maia or Aloth

2. Do you need a dedicated Priest or can the Priest dual class?  Recommendation for the other class?  Initial Stats for each?

3. Any and all companion suggestions / watcher builds entertained, thank you.

I have about 100 hours in POE and got a great deal on POE2, so I am digging for information. 

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Regarding your questions, (1) personally I'd say that Eder and Maia both really benefit from multiclassing as rogues. Theosupus earlier posted an Iron Hammer build that works great for Eder; I follow this build whenever I add him to my party. And Maia as a scout (rogue/ranger) multiclass is fantastic, and does great DPS. Aloth, on the other hand, is probably best as a SC Wizard. Personally, I usually dual class my priests. Unlike classes like wizard and monk, they do not have OP tier 8 & 9 abilities that you'll really miss. As for the other class, they're very tanky multiclassed as a Paladin. Or you could make a healbot by multiclassing as a lifegiver druid. I had fun with a Bleak walker/Priest of Magran build loaded up with all the +fire gear.

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