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I have recently got back into the PoE series and I am very interested in playing through abusing spellbinding items and rogue. I have opted to take items skills like arms bearer, quick switch, and deep pockets to facilitate this build.

I am wondering if anyone has the game savvy to direct me to some good early spellbinding items that could work (any in Defiance Bay/act 2?).

Any advice would be much appreciated!



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Angio's Gamberson - Dyrford - Winfirth - Alacrity of Motion

Ring of Searing Flame - Raedric Hold Cell Day 2 - Combusting Wounds

Rothfinger Gloves - Ondra's Gift - Cartugo - Touch of Rot (pretty strong against everything that is not immune to corrode or vessel)

RG is most likely always bought // used when you play solo, because it kills quickly every human encounter.

For Rogue, the best Weapon is always We Toki, just because 99% of the enemies are not immune to prone and because you crit most likely, they get permaproned and just die.

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Check out this list in the wiki:


It has all spell enchantments and more spell effects.
Most useful for (Wannabe-Wizard Rogues with AoE spells) are in my opinion (the green ones come fairly early or can get rushed, the orange ones mid game) :

  • Tlauntain's Staff (3 Fireball, Act 3)
  • The Flames of Fair Rhian (3 Fireball, Endless Paths lvl 11, need to siphon knowledge from Maerwald's soul first)
  • White Crest Armor (1 Dancing Bolts, 1 Overwhelming Wave, WM)
  • Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer (1 Torrent of Flame, Act 1)
  • The White Spire (3 Blizzards, mid Act 2)
  • Ring of Searing Flames (3 Combusting Wounds, random loot)
  • Animancer's Boots (3 Jolting Touch, end of Act 2)
  • Sun-Touched Mail of Hyran Rath (3 Sunbeams, beginning of Act 2)
  • Amulet of Summer Solstice (3 Sunbeams, mid Act 2)
  • Rotfinger Gloves (3 Touch of Rot, 3 Spreading Plague, beginning of Act 2)
  • Bittercut (3 Vile Thorns, 1 Infestation of Maggots, WM)

Those all (except Combusting Wounds and Maggots) work with Deathblows. There are many more and I would swap items out if their per-rest uses are depleted (until nex rest). That way you can build up a pretty good arsenal of spells. You can duplicate an item with the Helwax Mold (for example Flames of Fair Rhian and then dual wield it for 6 Fireballs per rest). White Crest Armor + White Spire looks very nice together. 

Also check out Spell Striking and Spellchance items on that wiki site. For example Azureith's Stiletto (Act 1) and Bleak Fang (Act 3).  

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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  • 2 months later...

Finished a playthrough of something else recently and wanted to give this a shot. Started an Aumaua with quick switch 12/10/16/16/16/10 might/dex/con/per/int/res. Gonna amass every last spellbinding item I can and greedily hoard them and blast enemies with them. Tossing enough points into lore to cast a few scrolls too.

Should be fun!

I'm actually questioning right now whether I even should put weapon focus into anything since I'll be carrying like four different weapons and relying mostly on spellbindings. I'd guess I will melee (or ranged attack) sometimes, but should eventually have enough spellbinding items and scrolls to mostly just do that on many encounters. Rogues have high natural accuracy anyways and I have high perception so maybe I don't even need weapon focus?

I figure for most encounters I'm casting spells and maybe occasionally flanking around and hitting the backline once I'm done casting. Or I could just cast spells and then switch to a ranged weapon if I ran out or didn't feel the need to cast I guess. 

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