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[MOD Release] TT2 Unique Items

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First version, play testers wanted. Adds multiple weapons, trinkets, armor and accessories.  All items for sale at Wild Mare. 




Currently looking for assistance in creating unique NPC to sell items in Port Maje.


New hat for next release

Eye of truth  bonus spell cast / per encounter levels 1 thru 3

Fifth Gate:   bonus spell cast / per encounter levels 4 and 5

Seventh Gate:  bonus spell cast / per encounter level 6 and 7  / -10hp

Ninth gate: bonus spell cast / per encounter level 8 and 9   /  -15 hp  / +1 perception


The negative hp stacks so total of - 25 if fully enchants + 2 perception +1 bonus spell cast all spell levels.

Allows for more flexible tome selection but will stack with Tome of Vaporous Wizardry




NightClub  Built on request torch / club

Smack em,  -7 hostile effect duration when hitting ally , -7 beneficial effect duration when hitting enemy.  Functions as a torch as well.


Enchantable Ring for tank


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New Morning Star for next release

Aft Sweeper

Can enchant to remove -1 dex penalty

Ability Mighty Blow 1/per rest

Cone attack , push enemies 5m and knock Prone for 2 seconds causes interrupt.




New cloak built on request

Grants  Soul Torture  1/ per rest- equivalent to level 9 wizard spell Cloak of Death




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After toying around with the idea of a true one-hand dueling build for the player who wants some Riposting   musketeer / spellblade flavor here is my Friday and Saturday evening results.  Adding to next release of MOD which is scheduled for 5/15/2020.

Rapier-  Best or Pierce / Slash damage-

Restricted to main hand only

 Holding a weapon or shield in the off-hand will cancel Duelers Bolero and Grandmaster's Flamenco.  


May   dial down Duelers Bolero and Grandmasters Flamenco by 5%.   Need to test on POTD.







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1 hour ago, peolone said:

Great work... When is the next version due for release? 

Thank you!.  The next release is scheduled for 5/15/2020. Currently working on:

Adding new medium bashing shield.

Modifying a medium shield from previous release to have bashing.

A large size tanking shield - adds lashing effect to Main hand attack during shield modal with some CC abilities.

Paladin Trinket


If time permits.

Accessory for One-handed Dueling Rapier build, only works with Off-hand empty.






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New Large Shield -  Can be enchanted / upgraded

Accuracy penalty reduced by 2

Elemental Imbuement - When large shield modal active add damage to each main hand attack.

Abilities  tied to paladin levels cipher keywords. Unique animations.

Gravity Well - Functions like pull of Eora but ticks twice as often and a much greater reduction in stride - for when you need the enemies where the tank is.

Can upgrade Gravity well to 2 per rest. 




Modified medium shield from previous version.  Added bashing attack  this is separate from Shield Bash ability which 1 / encounter.  Bashing will scale with enchantment level - requires Noqn Shield bashing fix MOD which is integrated into Elric Galad's Balance MOD (links will be published in suggested mods on my Nexus page)





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Dueling boots made to be used with Vivamus Rapier but will function when the off hand is empty and the main hand holds a weapon that is not ranged.





New head item.  


New armor built on request.



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