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Best grimoire for Fassina?

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I don't understand the question. You can use any grimoire you find, put several ones into the trinket and belt (quick) slots and switch them at any time. You can't learn from them like in PoE. 

If you avoid the ones with a lot of Evocation and Illusion spells you are good. 

I would put as many ability point into passives as I can and build an assortment of grimoires that has most of the spells I like. That way you can cast your favorte spells without spending ability points for them.

Especially you don't want to learn Concelhaut's Draining Touch but cast it from a grimoire. Then, before attacking with it, switch to another grimore that doesn't have the spell. That way it will stay with you for the whole fight. It's a very powerful weapon and also great to use with an Essential or Substancial Phantom.

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I always use her default one because it gives her 2 spells per level. Like Boeoer said she cannot use Evocation and Illusion spells so she's going to be gimped by any grimoire that has those. Well unless it gives you a spell you really want. But then you could just select that yourself at level up. Sure you could spend all level up points on extra resilience and get more Will and such, but if you use her in a party there are other ways to protect her and you can get more spells to make her more effective.

Also, fun note there's a way for Fassina to cast illusion spells. Somewhat. I always give her The Eye of Wael scepter  which can cast random illusion spell affliction on enemy and bonus on yourself. 😄 Scrolls don't work, but this thing does.

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