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Remove Perma Flanked affliction WITHOUT using cheats ?

Go to solution Solved by AeonsLegend,


Sigh . . .


This time, this is serious buisness because it's my precious Trial Of Iron lonely save. So, is there any way to fix this without using cheat engine ? I don't want to risk losing my all-precious achievement this way.


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What are your reservations? I mainly use it to fix things in the game. Or to even out levels between characters I don't use. Or use it to be able to test things quickly.

Imo, if you remove a status effect that isn't supposed to be there through UC then it's not cheating. just fixing.

UC also doesn't disable achievements.

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I know, Exalted Focus it's not for her, its for my real damage dealers. I gave her the stance mainly for the deflection bonus.

Mmmh, rerolling her levels her didn't work, Kapana Taga immunity to flanking didn't remove it either . . .

I still have reservations to use a cheat engine . . .

Seriously Obsidian, the v 5.0 still having that king of bug . . .

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3 hours ago, AeonsLegend said:

What are your reservations?


Just some bull**** cognitive biais against something labeled as "cheat something", that's all.

Well . . . I keep your UC suggestion in mind in case something worse happen . . . In the meantime, a - 1 armor/10 defl on a crusader isn't that much of a problem . . . (It's Trial of Iron, not The Ultimate). She's lvl 16 now and geared with already above 110 deflection even with that flaw, so . . .

Of course, if my precious main char Dieu-Sama the Eld Nary's Curse spreader Troubadour Captain end up having a perma Enfeebled or Miasma of Dull Mindness, i'll use the UC as you suggested.

Thanks !

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Fair enough XD

You can use UC to remove specific negative effects. If you use it go to the character sheet and open the console. You should see an option to see current active effects. Open that and scroll to the flanked status. You should be able to remove it there. If not you can always send me your save file and I can have a look for you. Don't really know if that works if our installations aren't identical though. I have all DLC up to date excluding Seeker Slayer something.

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