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Problem with stash - anything is inverted (by enchantment, by price)...

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There is a little problem with my stash (not sure it is the correct term, the place in my inventory where all my weapons, armors, items are stored) since i rested and set the classification of the food by price to found the mari cruda, everything is reverted.
Usually, if I press (R3 Joystick) i can classify weapons or armors by Enchantment (best enchantment first), by Price (most expensive first), by most recent (most recent first), but all this is reverted now. If I classify by enchantment the best enchantment are in the end, if by price the best weapons are in the end...
How could i return to the normal (best enchantment first/most expensive first) (without resting if possible)?

Edit : After i restarted the game, things returned to normal...

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