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Starting a new game, need help with party composition

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Hey guys, I am once again creating a new Watcher in PoE1 and I need a bit of help.

I'll be playing on Normal, with a party consisting of my WatcherAlothEdérKanaDurance, and Pallegina. They will be built following the game's default builds, and I want them to use the kind of equipment they come with (meaning that I won't, let's say, make Edér a two weapon fighter, or give Pallegina a pike instead of her great sword). I will swap some of them just to do the other Companions' quests, but for 90% of the time that will be my party.

Now, I'd like to make my Watcher a fighter, precisely a "sword and board" fighter. As for the story companions, I want to make him use the kind of equipment he starts with, so choosing the appropriate Culture is very important (I was thinking maybe the Living Lands, to start with padded armor, a spear, and a large shield).

Would such character be useful knowing that I already have a tanky fighter in my party (Edér)? Should I go for another kind of PC, maybe change class altogether? Or maybe, since I'm playing on Normal, having two tanky characters won't make a big difference?

I know that the limits I'm using to define my party are weird and, well, limiting, but this is how I like to play, even if for someone else is kind of stupid.

Thank you in advance for your answers and help.

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i mean you can make your fighter more dps oriented so there is a difference from Eder with dual wield or two handed. if you want to go sword and board but be more dps oriented than fighter this build was really fun. its a Barbarian Sword and Board. its basically designed to be a Barb CC/debuffer but would def be more offensive than sword and board Fighter and you can pick different weapons to max dps 

Just fyi this build is min maxed but when i played it only went down to 9 on my attributes and it was still really fun. usually these builds are min maxed for POTD and to get every ounce out of build but you can change stuff. 

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Thanks @draego, but I've already played with a barbarian and I want to change this time. I'm also not that interested in optimized builds, I would rather try to build my Watcher with talents and abilities that suits his background or progression through the story.

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You can play with two Fighters, why not?

Does it have to be "sword" and shield or would something like rapier + small shield also be okay?

Thinking about Old Vailian noble/aristocratic fencer. There is a nice Rapier in the Salty Mast  in Defiance Bay (Sword of Daenysis - there, it's even called a sword ;)). Later you can couple it with Little Savior (small shield) which is always great to have in a party. You would be the nimble, fast duelist. Boots of speed, light(ish) armor (maybe Breastplate? Osric's Family Plate looks awesome with a fencer - pair it with Munacra Arret for great noble looks). You could then even take Enigma's Charm and play your fighter as some kind of charming flunky who not only fences but also manipulates people. Munacra Arret and Enigma's Charm + Disciplined Barrage is very effective. High INT would be good.

Or war hammer instead of sword? Gruffy kind of fighter, like a sapper. Battle axe or mace would also work. I don't recall which culture start with war hammers, maces or battle axes though.

Spear for a more tribal touch (as you said living lands).

I mean - just to make it a bit different from Edér with his sabre. 


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