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Changing PC avatar/appearance

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Hi all,


I'm new here. Not a coder or programmer, but have been learning a little bit, by looking at code found in mods on nexusmods.


My goal is to be able to change the avatar/appearance of your PC.


NWN did this with setappearance console command.

Is this even possible to do?

I would love to be able to play as a Deathguard, or Ancient Lich, other creatures. I would imagine there might be a some demand for this (perhaps).


To keep it as simple as possible, this would be just the avatar/appearance (purely aesthetic), and would not affect race and abilities, and so on.


Many thanks!


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thanks for your swift reply, Grape_You_In_The_Mouth.

that's a very good idea!

am currently looking at the spiritshifting codes. just made it useable outside of combat and essentially unlimited (which is probably common knowledge amongst modders!).

it might be possible to create new code to reference other creatures other than bear, boar, cat etc., so you could spiritshift into a deathguard or something.

(do you mean shapeshifting being the same as spiritshifting?)

it's very possible this is way too advanced for me coding-wise, but will have a go!

any advice is welcome...


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Does anyone know where this code refers to? Trying to find references for creatures . . .

            "$type": "Game.GameData.ChangeFormEffectComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
            "NewFormAppearance": "Assets/Art/Character/Creatures/Wolf01/a_Wolf01_V01.asset",

And this:

            "AnimationController": "assets/art/animation/animationcontrollers/creature/wolf.controller",

I'm thinking that I could change these lines and enable spiritshifting into other animals or creatures...

I looked in the Assemly-CSharp with dnSpy but no luck.

I hope this all makes sense.


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