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Is it worth going Wildrhymer when you you have sure-handed Ila?

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Sure-Handed Ila is particularly good with reloading weapons (guns and crossbows/arbalests). Because the -20% recovery and -20% reload bonus both get applied to those weapons. Add stuff like Acina's Tricorn and Maia's armor and you can reload pretty quickly.

The other chant you might want to have is Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr (gives your party's weapons and also your summons a burning lash). 
As Chanter subclass you have different options: Beckoner for the double wyrms (they do quite some nice ranged damage) and later double Ancient Weapons etc.
Or Troubadour because you might want to stack Sure-Handed Ila and Mith Fyr without a gap. 
I think I would pick Troubadour. He ca also run just one chant (like Sure Handed Ila) with Brisk Recitation and then dish out summons and other invocations like crazy. 

You can go Arcane Archer and raise Arcana and then pick Spearcaster. It also profits from Arcana. You could take some other subclass and aim for Dragon's Dowry which has the highest damage per shot in the game. Both work very well with the Ranger's Takedown Combo (+100% dmg for the next attack). Red Hand is also always a great option. When using blunderbusses maybe Sharpshooter is good because of the +1 PEN (blunderbusses tend to have a bit low PEN).
Another nice weapon is Watershaper's Focus: with Blast modal the recovery will be lengthy, but the chant and gear can counter that somehow and the build-in jum stacks with Driving Flight, making proccing Ondra's Wrath enchantment rel. reliable. Because ofthe two jumps this is also a great weapon for Arcane Archers (since their imbue shots will trigger their spell on every jump which is quite hilarious with something like Pull of Eora and Binding Web). 

I wouldn't pick Ghost Heart though because your summoned Animal Companion can't be on the same battlefield with your other (chanter's) summons.  

A Wildryhmer with Dragon's Dowry/Spearcaster/Red Hand/Watershaper's Focus, Sure Handed Ila, Mith Fyr and a pack of Wyrms is pretty devastating at range.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Speed bonuses do not stack additively in any case. For details about speed bonus stacking see MaxQuest's pinned post about attack speed.
However, Sure-Handed Ila applied BOTH 20% bonuses to guns and crossbows (including arbalests).

@thelee: Yeah -  Sure Handed Ila used to apply both 20% bonuses to guns and other reloading weapons (I guess because usually recovery bonuses do also apply to reloading speed - see Streetfighter etc. - and devs didn't realize that guns will profit from recovery bonuses as well as reloading bonuses because of that. The correct solution would have been to only grant a 20% recovery bonus). Used to be like that right from the release. Don't think it got fixed lately (or during port to consoles) but may be. I'm not at home right now so maybe somebody else wants to give it a quick test. 

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I actually never tested, but I guess not. 

But even if: multiple instances of rel. small speed bonuses don't stack additively. So 5 times 20% recovery bonus doesn't lead to 0 recovery. Rather it's more like 100 recovery - 20% = 80, then 80 - 20% = 64 and so on (not quite what happens under the hood, but just to explain why you can't reach 0 recovery in Deadfire even if you stack a lot of smallish bonuses). That's why big-chunked bonuses (like 50% from Streetfighter or even 80% from stealth) feels so much faster than a whole stack of smaller stuff like Sure-Handed-Ila+Gunner+Maia's Armor+Acina's Tricorn.

Also guns/crossbows used to have a hard cap with reloading: you couldn't go further down a certain point. I don't know if that's still the case but I guess. So at some point there's no point (huahua) in trying to absolutely minimize the reloading time.  

Anyway: a Wildrhymer with a reloading weapon can significantly improve his dps via Sure-Handed lla (2*20% is still way better than 0*20%, even if it doesn't stack to 40%).

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I mostly meant it never occurred to me that guns would get both benefits from sure-handed components. It would deserve a test; I don't recall seeing a double bonus, but I didn't pay close attention.


Also for stacking here: it's a hell of an unintuitive system. You invert the recovery time bonus to translate it into an action speed bonus, and then combine them, and then reinvert them back into a recovery time reduction.

-20% and -20% invert into .25 and .25, add them up to get 1.5, then reinvert to get -33% recovery time.

The pinned action speed post or my gamefaqs guide goes into detail about this 

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