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Pillars of Eternity I - Voice Sets (Mod)

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This mod offers a choice of the 8 voice sets from the first game that can be used alongside those already in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire!

The installation is quite simple*, the zips are set up to extract all the necessary files to the correct directories. And won't require overwriting any of the default audio files to work.

While there are some lines unique to Deadfire - such as acknowledging loot picking up & equipping rare loot, and rare selections lines for every voice set - ideally these should all sound quite close to how they did in the original game.

I had actually intended to release this alongside the custom voice guide I wrote several months ago. Something that would act as a simple proof of concept. However each voice seemed to have their own weird quirks that ended up adding up to more work than I had time for. To a small degree I still think of this as a bit of a work in progress, but overall it seems like it is in a stable enough state to be released.

There is one thing I'd really like input on; In PoE 1 were there lines that played when a rogue or fighter used an ability? A lot of actions share lines, and despite playing a rogue for over 100+ hours, I can't remember if the character says anything when using a non-standard attack action.

Otherwise the only issue I'm immediately aware of (and not able to fix) is during character creation, if there are 16 (By default there are 14 male voices and 13 female voices) or more items in the voice list it expands outside of the UI. Which really makes pressing the next button without selecting one of the Vox Machina voices a bit of a challenge. As can be seen in the above video this is only in character/adventurer creation, so existing characters aren't affected by this issue.

Thank you for reading!

* - Currently this mod is setup with Windows in mind. I am not at all familiar with MacOS or Linux so I have no idea if it will work for those versions of the game. If someone has an answer for that either way please let me know!

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