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No sound at all in Outer Worlds PC version

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If you have more than a single possible sound source, make sure to disable the sound devices you aren't using in the device manager to prevent the sound device driver from slipping back to the device you aren't using--for instance, my 5700XT has a sound  device which I don't use at all because the sound on this x570 Aorus Master is so much better--RT1220 but with the big difference of a Sabre hardware DAC and a 3-position headphone amp that is actually the best I've ever heard.  So, I always disable the AMD GPU sound device in the Device Manager.  If I didn't do that, then every time I updated a driver I found the system sound device would slip back to the GPU sound--and I'd get no sound at all.  You've likely already checked this, but thought I'd mention it. 

It's very well known that I don't make mistakes, so if you should stumble across the odd error here and there in what I have written, you may immediately deduce--quite correctly--that I did not write it... :biggrin:

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