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So... Is the game dead?

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Alas for the moment, still nothing new.

For my part i love it and i continue to do some adventures in regular manner, with different character roles, but i would also like to see some new adventures coming. Skulls & Shackels could be fun, as for adventures dedicated for all characters (as the one for Valeros) or next episodes of Goblins version.

Whatever it is, but new challenges.

Honnestly, i think that it was discussed here once and we should not have a lot of hope for new challenges. But, who knows...

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The game is ready and there is not plans of making new adventures. There was plans for extra adventures, but the game was not economical succes, so it was no point of making new content anymore.

Pity, I really like the game, but it was very work intensive compared to amounth people ready to pay for it.

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