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Hi all, With the way multiple stats govern different skills, I'm finding it hard to get a right build going. I'd really like to play a pistolero, using revolvers and the like to headshot enemies. What I've come up with so far is 3 Per, 2 Dex and 1 Int, and adding +10 to range and stealth categories. I'm not sure if this is the best way to go tho.

What would you suggest for a build focusing revolvers, dodging and lockpicking? I don't mind re-rolling as I've only just started. I get the feeling that something isn't right with the above, but it could just be my uncertainty about the way stats work.

Also, what is the fastest route to get some great pistol weapons? Are there any available early on?

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Don't use gunslinger build from that video somebody mentioned. It's really bad. Max Dexterity is much more important. So add 3 points to Dex. Then 2 points into Perception. And 1 point into Intelligence. That's if playing lone wolf. If playing with companions,  just do 1 point in Perception, and add a point to Charm. This setup will start you off with a high default Handgun and Dodge is the main focus. Science is another one generally worth boosting. Adds energy damage and needed for better Tinkering. But also crucial if using a science weapon.

If using companions, make sure there's at least 20 into Leadership for your first (Pavarati). And 40 when you have two. Boost the Inspiration to 60 at later stages of the game. Otherwise, for solo play, Leadership is useless.

For perks, always start with sprint speed. Both vats perks are important. Get lone wolf perk or companion crit depending on solo vs team. Don't waste perk on  hp for this build. One important note is any financial perk is pretty important when playing with companions since you will need to be spending more money. Otherwise, go for the durability as your fifth perk which will is super useful for this build that uses guns more often, and thereby, deteriorating faster.

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