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After receiving the pistol from the guard in the cave, I cannot unequip it or break it down. The option isn’t even shown, and if I use the ‘triangle’ options menu from the inventory slot, the all options are grayed-out and unresponsive except for the ‘Swap’ option. I’ve tried reloading previous saves, restarting the app, restarting the console, and even restarted with a brand new play through over this. 

Thanks for any advice or solution. I appreciate your time. 


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1 hour ago, craigdelish said:

I'm pretty sure in the inventory menu, you can't unequip the item you currently have in your hand, which will have a gold color background in the weapon slot box. Maybe you need more weapon slots first so you can change weapons?

I believe you’re correct after some more play time. I think it’s a design choice so players don’t accidentally fully disarm themselves, whereas at first it seemed like the pistol was bugged. Thanks everyone for your help. 

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