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  1. I'm pretty sure in the inventory menu, you can't unequip the item you currently have in your hand, which will have a gold color background in the weapon slot box. Maybe you need more weapon slots first so you can change weapons?
  2. I have the same issue on original PS4. It's the frame rate dropping drastically, especially when turning your character in the game. The frame rate drops to a visibly perceptible rate, and the crosshair splits into multiple crosshairs due to the slow rate! It makes the game nearly unplayable IMO.
  3. I replied to your other thread but I'm commenting here in hopes this gets taken seriously. At least when it comes to turning, I believe the issue is with the frame rate dropping. I've noticed a visually perceptible frame rate while turning the camera/character in the game (original PS4). You can tell because most of the time when turning, there are three crosshairs on the screen and the image is stuttering. The motion sickness could also be from bobbing distant geographic features and sky (the sky box) I've seen mentioned elsewhere on the forums..
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