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I just wanted to personally get on here, which I don’t ever do for any game, and tell you guys what an amazing world, what an amazing game you guys have all created, it’s truly breathtaking and inspiring!

the freedom of choice, the stories, the dialog, the combat, all of it, just truly is everything that has been needed in the gaming industries for years.

helluva job team, helluva job!!

thank you all for the work you put in, the countless months, hours and years you all put into this game, it shows that you care deeply for the world and people in the game, and outside of the game.


Anyways, like I said I’ve never done this before, but I wanted to stop what I was doing and personally thank the teams that made this game possible, so.......thank you all so very much!

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Yes. Bravo. I'll add my excitement here to. It's a breath of fresh air in a time in gaming where Microtransactions and constant 3rd person linear cinematic games get constant repetition. 


It's so brilliant to have a gane that is so open, so much choice and literally hardly a bug in sight. I've played 12 hours so far. And had 1 glitch. That's it. 


I'm absolutely in love with this game. 


Now please please please can you bring Pillars of Eternity to Gamepass. 


Lots of love Obsidian. Thankyou. 

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1 hour ago, Phenomenum said:

What a re you talkin' about?! Everything exepts quests is totally broken.

What is broken? I'm playing on One X and everything works great. Not had any issues apart from one glitch which kicked me to dashboard. 


Even all the reviews say it's so refreshing to have a game come out bug free. Especially an RPG of this magnitude. 


My first 3 hours in Fallout had about 100 glitches. 


This is a breath of fresh air. I've had no framerste issues. No graphical issues. And absolutely nothing wierd at all going on at anytime. 

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