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Frequent and random crashes during game

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i have Windows 10 Pro, intel core i5, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon RX570.

I have bought official release of Outer Worlds on  EpicGames store, and am experiencing crashes every 20-25 minutes while in game, sometimes bugs are constant (after going to a location the game immediately crashes, and i must get there by quest). The first time it happened in Emerald Vale when going to it from the Energy plant.


The shutdown does not have any signs or error messages, the game just turns off and that`s all, I`ve changed graphic settings including setting everything to lowest quality and setting 30 fps max, but it won`t work. Does anyone know how to treat this (or at least where to collect logs so i may search for a broken component in my OS if that`s the problem)?


All other apps were stopped during gameplay, Windows Defender was shut down and some silent apps were force closed with taskmgr.

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Thanks for posting!

Are there any errors in the Windows Event Viewer? To check, open Start, type in "Event Viewer" and press Yes if User Activation Control asks you to. Once the next window loads, expand the "Windows Logs" entry in the left frame, and select "Application". On the right hand side, there will be a "Filter current log" option. Click that, then check the Critical, Error, and Warning checkboxes, then press okay.  You will see entries in the middle pane - are there any which coincide with the time of the crash?

That info (in particular the "faulting module name" if there is a relevant entry), your save game before any crash, and your dxdiag results (press Windows key + R, enter "dxdiag" and hit enter, and click the button to save the information to a file) will help the development team track any issue down. You can email them at support@obsidian.net or keep using the forum.

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Hi, I have almost exactly the same setup and the same issue.

Windows 10 Pro, Core i5 3570K, RX570 8GB, 16GB DDR3. Game installed via Xbox app, I didn't purchase it as it's on the games pass for PC.

Graphics drivers are latest. Game crashes to desktop with no error message randomly, normally I can get a good hour or two in. The crash will usually happen when fast travelling, loading an area, or in one instance every time I tried to talk to Catherine in Fallbrook, until I reboot.

Sometimes the crash happens at the same point repeatedly, but on reboot the crash will no longer happen at that point, but occur again somewhere else.


I will try to play tonight & check event viewer and post the log when it crashes.

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