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Nyoka not giving me quest

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I'm trying to continue with the main storyline I'm on the radio free monarch quest but nyoka will not give me her side quest so that I can use her to continue with the main quest. I know she needs the caffeine pills and I have them but no dialogue options to talk to her. I dont k how what to do besides shooting her in the face to get the location 

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2 hours ago, Rill3 said:

Im having the same issue. Im not geting the side quest and to be able to progress i have to kill her 😕

I have tryed talking to Abigail but it dont work.

I was able to get around needing her by going directly to devil's peak myself. The quest continues like it should have. The only down side is you cant get nyoka as a companion. 

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Im running into the problem as well. Killed Abigail to get the drug from her closet and it still doesnt advance the quest. The game just never incremented the quest step. Did anyone else have the medicine to identify the drug as Caffenoid while talking to her? Thats the only thing i could think of that might have had an effect on the conversation with Nyoka.

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