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Game Stop Activation Key

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If you buy the game through Game Stop you are buying a activation key to be used on Epic Gaming.  Hopefully this changes soon but the current directions will tell you to redeem it through steam.  This is not possible and you will get a message saying invalid key.  It took 2 hours and 4 phone calls from the employees at the Game Stop store to figure this out.  I have no idea why it was decided to limit the access to the game from Epic Game or the Microsoft Store ( second hand knowledge as I used Epic game to redeem and install) but that appears to be what has happened.  I am sure for some this will be a shrug but for others who like me don't care for either Epic Games platform or Microsoft gaming it is annoying to be forced into using them.  This is of course from the PC perspective probably not much of a issue for console as you can likely get the game at Walmart or several other stores with no issues.

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