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so i am on the quest, "radio free monarch" and it is stuck, it tells me to speak with nyoka, but when i do the only option to say to her is "actually, nevermind ill catch you later" and i cannot progress due to this being the main quest. i cannot reload a previous save as i wandered around town looking for something i missed and the autosaves wrote over all previous ones before talking with her, i cannot go any further in game....

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i actually wandered around outside of town to find the devils peak place they were talking about, and i talked to the information broker to progress the quest, but now it seems i cant get nyoka in my crew, when i talk to her now she asks for the caffenoid, which i have in my inventory, and theres no option to give it to her...

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So i contacted private division support on this, and they basically told me im outta luck on this save file, as there is no fix, very disappointing, i have to start a whole new game now because i feel like im missing out on a piece of content without her in my crew. i dont really feel like starting a new game so i guess it looks like im not playing this game as of right now, maybe when they patch it some more as i dont want to start a new save file and have some other quest bug out on me....

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