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  • Inventory sorting should persist
  • Merchant buy screen should display item quantities (regardless of item types) in inventory
  • Ability to throw melee weapons
  • Ability to disarm, pick up, and lay mines
  • Ability to toggle off companion helmets while not in combat
  • Ability to slide by running and then crouching
  • Ability to climb ladders at any point on the ladder
  • Ability to toggle dynamic tessellation/LOD/texture resolution (sounds related to InstaLOD or DX11 distance-based tessellation; the distance is too short so you get obvious pop-in issues)
  • Ability to configure the quality of individual screen effects
  • Smoother movement over rocky terrain
  • 21:9 support (without zooming) and 21:9 performance optimizations
  • Windows Store version: Support for ModifiableWindowsApps folder
  • Modding support: more exported JSON bundles please
  • Modding support: uncompressed PAK files
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I have heard you can't disable head bob.  Is this true? 


If Obsidian is going to ignore a significant proportion of FPV motion sickness players then you have lost a significant proportion of players... :(

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