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Crashing at random places in buildings.

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First place I got a crash is when approaching a bed at a random house in the starting area, not in the main starting city.  This crash happens consistently - almost as if the game is trying to load some tutorial about beds and crashing on a missing resource or something.

So, I avoided that spot, and reached the Botanical Gardens area, and entered another house.  Again, random crash inside this house.

I'm verifying files now.  My game copy is on Epic Game Store.

I'll follow up if that fixes it or not.


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Hello Ryan,

I'm sorry you are running into these crash issues.  Would you be able to provide us with your system specifications if the issue is still persisting?  This should help the team with testing to see what might be causing this issue for you.

I would also double check to make sure your graphics card and operating system are up to date, just in case.

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience these crashes are causing.

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