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Just got game and my skin color is always the same in the inventory screen, no matter what skin color i choose.

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Having the same issue. Not showing the color I choose. Restarted twice now but still persists. It breaks the immersion for me... I REALLY hope this gets fixed, Obsidian please!! Your game is amazing please fix this aspect. I know there are issues that take priority but please fix this! 

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Having the same issue. Restarted 3 times, selecting a different skin tone each time and when I start my character is a completely different colour.   This occurs in the inventory screen and in game, can see it while wearing armour that doesn't cover my characters hands and in the 3rd person spin view.

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Hey everyone,

You're absolutely correct, this does seem to be an issue in-game.  The dev team is aware and are looking into a fix to get the character to correctly display what was chosen during character creation.

Thank you for reporting this issue and sorry for the inconvenience it is causing.

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I have a similar issue on ps4, i was going for a older Caucasian look, beard, white hair, wrinkles, the works, now i look like im wearing black face

i dont think its the lighting, i leave my controller idle for a bit and it defaults to a 3rd person panoramic view, circling the character, and i get a good long look in a bright light, its dark skin, not a lighting issue

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