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During character creation the character is a black silhouette, changing graphics settings has no effect.


AMD Ryzen 2700x - latest chipset drivers and bios

AMD 5700 XT - latest drivers (10/24)

Windows 10 - latest update



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Hey everyone,

I'm sorry for the silhouetted paperdoll issue you've all run into.  I sent a report in to the devs with the information you provided for them to use while they investigate this issue.  If you notice any changes, please continue to let us know in this thread as I linked it to the report to be used as a reference for the devs.

Also, you may have already tried this, but I'd recommend making sure your graphics drivers are up to date.  A likely thing you've all already done, but just in case I figured I'd suggest it.

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

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