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Hey, not really sure of the standard structure of forum posts on here. However, I saw a potentially game breaking bug.

I watching a streamer play PoE 2 on turn-based mode.  

About half-way through the Port Maje content when he went to Gorecci street, combat initiated and enemies along with his player characters were unable to target and attack each other, instead the AI would simply just keep walking into his characters. No spells or any actions could be taken. Upon reloading the streamer encountered the same issue several times and even when attempting encounters in other areas the same issue occurred. Any time combat triggered this seemed to happen.


I have not encountered this bug myself in either game mode, but it broke him being able to progress at all, as every combat encounter would be stuck. Any suggestions or idea why this is occurring?


I got a clip of it happening, should work but if the link doesn't I can try again.

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