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Currently working thru PotD with a custom party, Level 6 average.


My Priest.... looking for some pointers on my Priest of Berath build. I will go after Tidefall for my Priest. Will add Fire Lash and Beast Slay enchant it. Added Scion of Flame  and Vet’s recovery already added. Plan on adding WF Soldier and 2hand Style. Will be wearing the mail you get for attacking the party who still the Wael scroll. I the look of it.....Her build is 16 STR, INT and PER, 10 everything else.Meadow folk. 

What other equipment will synergies? She will be a front liner who throws Interdiction, Buffs with DotF and the casts Consecrated Ground. Then charges! 

No matter which fork in the road you take I am certain adventure awaits.

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With Tidefall very high MIG is benefical because the wounding lash itself scales with MIG. Priests can have the highest MIG score in the game due to their buffs (Holy Power early on, then Minor Avatar or Champion's Boon + Aggrandizing Radiance which stacks with everything) so their scaling of wounding is the (potentially) highest. 

The dps of wouding goes up once INT goes down (overall dmaage stays the same but the same dmg gets applied over shorter time). But low INT is not preferable on a Priest. You can take advantage of the "longer" wounding if you cast Cleansing Flame - it also doubles wounding ticks. 

Melee great sword priest is quite squishy in the beginning due to low deflection and endurance. You can get a lot of enemies off your back if you wear a thick armor and use Armor of Faith. Lots of enemies perfer "softer". I think only barbarians will go right after low deflection - and they are not so difficult to deal with once you wield that high-ACC Tidefall with a fat wounding lash.

Also the healing and dmg of Holy Radiance gets pretty crazy once you reach the ~40 Might stratosphere. Especially if paird with the upscaled base damage due to correct reputation.

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