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Pillars of Eternity I conversion to Pen and Paper


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I can't imagine anyone would stop you from doing that for personal use. I'd recommend checking Obsidian's rules for the use of their IP, otherwise. I imagine posting a conversion of what they might look like in PnP form on these forums crediting it properly and without using logos/copyrighted materials from Obsidian will probably be okay in the sense that no one will come after you. Obviously doing something for profit is a no-no.


However! I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

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Plenty of people run homebrew conversions of existing IPs. That's not illegal and even if it was it wouldn't be worth anyone's time or money to have their legal department break up someone's home game. Where you will get into trouble is if you try to sell it or otherwise advertise it (for example if you were streaming it) as the 'official' pen and paper.

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