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Stuck on Arkemyr's Roof



It's the exact same issue this Reddit user was having 6 months ago....seems a shame it hasn't been patched.

In a nutshell, I'm on the roof of Arkemyr's Tower. I have and am wearing the robe. However, there's an Ironclad Construct right at the bottom of the stairs. It attacks me on site while wearing the robe. It is also impossible to sneak past even with my fastest character. This Ironclad is supposed to path around the corner (I guess but I didn't see him on the way up) but he won't move. Waiting 24 hours didn't make him move. If I throw firecrackers he looks for a moment and then resets. 


Note - I would happily attach my saved file but my size limit is .5MB. Not 5, point 5. That's too small to attach any files.

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I ran into this problem when I was playing as well, but I was able to sneak round it by moving my party members one by one using a specific route. Assuming that he doesn't attack or walk up to investigate as soon as the scouting circle goes red this should work:

Also could be there is some thieves putty in your stash that'd give some of your slower party a few more seconds before they are detected?

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